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The Story

The Story

My name is Sheri Bateren, I started Mind Canvas in the Summer of 2018. Whilst practicing as a psychotherapist I became aware of how little people knew about maintaining their wellbeing in order to prevent mental illness from occurring. I also love being creative and found that by embracing creativity I was able to manage my own wellbeing in a way I had never been able to prior to this. As I began speaking to others I became aware that I was not the only one who felt this way.

After my personal experience of maintaining my wellbeing through creativity, I believed that others would want to experience this too. I wanted people to realise our emotional health can be managed through a range of  different practices from the art to engineering. I am passionate about spreading the message that nourishing our wellbeing in holistic way.

I believe that prevention is better than cure, I believe maintaining our emotional wellbeing can keep mental ill health at bay. In both my clinical practice and personal life,  I have observed that we can all to often fail to recognise or ignore the early warning signs that tell us our emotional health is suffering. I believe that by engaging in self care, we can give ourselves mental space to reflect on what is not going so well and engage in something to rectify this. I am hoping my workshops, therapy sessions and resources allow you to engage in self-care in an alternative way.

Why engage in self-care for our Wellbeing? 

About Me

I am a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and a member of the British Association of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists (BABCP).  I have 6 years experience of working  in mental health  settings within the NHS . I have experience working with a range of mental health difficulties such as Depression and Anxiety.

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